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In our harsh and challenging life, it’s so uneasy to find time and effort to rest and distract from the hardships people encounter every day. We often face problems and stressful situations that don’t seem to have a way out and there are often situations, which make us feel confused and may have several solutions, each of which can change our lives for the good or for the bad. This makes us feel frustrated and puzzled and we start looking for a source of inspiration and wisdom that will help us find solutions to our problems and fill our lives with sense and happiness. Christian poetry and prose are these very sources useful to those people, who need more spiritual freedom and helpful piece of advice that will change their lives for the better.

Standing Alone.com is a website, which was launched with the needs of people in mind. The website offers a collection of Christian poems and stories that reveal the sense of peace, wisdom and safety, which come with the wisdom of Jesus Christ. Christian poems and stories mostly talk about the sense of life, kindness, solutions to various life situations, relationships with people etc. They teach us those things that God would like us to remember in various life situations. Each time you face a complicated life choice, find yourself in a complex situation that doesn’t seem to have a way out or just wish to relax and read something serious, Standing Alone.com is always here, at your disposal!

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