Christian Poets

Thomas S.Eliot is, probably, one of the most well-known Christian poets, whose popularity was on the rise at the beginning of the 20th century. He became an Anglo-Catholic in 1927 and started writing poems on religious themes since that time. Even though, many of poems belonging to Thomas Eliot, were not devoted to Christianity, there were still those that focused on Christian themes. Poems like "Little Gidding" (the last of the “Four Quartets”), "Ash-Wednesday” written in the Christian manner etc. are among the most vivid samples of Christian poems belonging to Thomas Eliot.

Thomas S.Eliot

George Herbert was popular in the 20th century. Being an Anglican priest, George is known as a metaphysical poet, who wrote about the sense of life and values people have. His poems underline that human existence becomes more satisfying and peaceful, when they turn to God and rely on him in all the situations they encounter every day. What’s interesting, Herbert’s poems are known as “pattern poems” due to the specific word arrangement on the page needed to create shapes discussed in a poem. The samples of these poems are “Easter Wings” and “The Collar”.

George Herbert

Geoffrey Hill is considered the successor of Thomas S.Eliot for two major reasons. The first one is that, just like Thomas Eliot, Geoffrey Hill is an English Christian. The second reason is that the poet is a modernist, who reveals complicated topics in his poems. Whatever the actual reason is, Geoffrey Hill is a talented poet, who managed to make Christianity a much more discussed topic than it was before. Poems written by Geoffrey reveal the way the stresses of the surrounding world and human desire to control everything can complicate their life. One of the most well-known poems by Geoffrey Hill is "Lachrymae Amantis”.

Geoffrey Hill

Oscar Wilde is a world-famous poet and writer, but not all people know that he can also be considered a Christian poet. The fact is that Oscar Wilde initially had a fascination with Catholicism and he was seriously interested in it for a certain period of his life. As time went by, though, the poet and the author of world-known books became interested in Christianity. This happened after the prison sentence for his non traditional sexual preferences. This is when Oscar Wilde became interested in Christianity and even started writing poems devoted to it.

Oscar Wilde

W.H.Auden is a famous poet, whose works were inspired by the motives of Christianity. Just like Thomas Eliot, he war an Anglo-Catholic. When he was a child, his parents decided to raise him a Christian, but when the poet reached his teenage years, he lost faith for some reason and regained it later. W.H.Auden is often compared to Eliot, but, to tell the truth, he was less orthodox-focused than Thomas. There is even a well-known study belonging to Arthur Kirsch called “Auden and Christianity”, which tells the life story of the poet, his actual beliefs and views.


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