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Clive Staples Lewis is a British poet and novelist. He is also an academic, literary critique and Christian apologist, who was born at the end of the 19th century. He is rightfully considered one of the most prominent Christian writers of all times. What’s interesting, Lewis decided to proclaim himself an atheist on a certain stage of his life, but he later changed his mind and turned to Christianity. The works written by C.S.Lewis are translated into more than 30 languages of the world. He is currently included into the list of the most widely read authors in the history of the Christian literature. The most renowned works of the writer are “The Chronicles of Narnia”, “Mere Christianity”, “The Allegory of Love”, “Till We Have Faces”, “Surprised by Joy”.

C.S. Lewis

A.W.Tozer was an American pastor, who lived at the beginning of the 20th century. His ministry was a sample for hundreds (if not even thousands) of Christians as it was marked by selflessness, intense prayers, endless belief in the power of God, devotion and frankness. It’s interesting, but Tozer’s work was focused on the spiritual life of people and holy lifestyle. For this very reason, people often considered the writer a “mystic”. The truth is, though, that Tozer was very devoted to serving God and he really wished to teach people to live like Jesus Christ. His most known book “The Pursuit of God” has changed the lives of thousands of Christians, filling them with sense. All in all, Tozer wrote over 40 books. The most notable works include “Paths to Power”, “Let My People Go”, “Born after Midnight”, “Wingspread”, “The Root of the Righteous”.

A. W. Tozer

John Piper is a modern Christian writer and an author of books devoted to Christianity, which had serious impact upon the lives of Christians across the globe. For more than 33 years, he was the major pastor of Bethlehem Baptist Church in Minneapolis, MN. Some time later, John launched the website, which was in demand with local Christians. John wrote more than 100 books that reveal the essence of Christianity and provided valuable recommendations on how to change the lives of people for the better. Among these books, it makes sense to mention “Desiring God”, which was written in 1986, “Finally Alive”, “Don’t Waste Your Life”, “Recovering Biblical Manhood” etc.

John Piper

Chuck Swindoll (Charles Rozell Swindoll) is one of the most influential Christian authors of the modern world. What’s more, he is considered one of the most notable and well-known pastors of the previous 50 years. He is a Bible scholar, an educator, a radio host and just a person, who deserves recognition as a renowned personality. His radio program, “Insight for Living”, is one of the most highly rated and long-running Christian programs in the USA. Born in Texas, Charles decided to serve in the US Marine forces, but he later discharged to enter the Dallas Theological Seminary. Soon after the graduation, Charles became the president of the Seminary and he now is a chancellor there. Chuck has already written over 70 Christian books and he still continues writing.

Chuck Swindoll

Francis Chan is the US preacher and the founder and chancellor of Eternity Bible College located in Simi Valley, California. Born in 1967, he has already distinguished himself as a renowned author of books that focus on Christianity and human values. Francis decided to share his knowledge with as many people as possible through his works. Among the most well-known books belonging to the writer, the following ones are worth mentioning: “Erasing Hell, Erasing God”, “The Things We’ve Made Up”, “What God Says About Eternity” etc.

Francis Chan

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